How To Make Egg Rolls: A Nutritious And Fulfilling Dish For Hunger Pangs

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Rolls are the go-to meals for most of us when we’re starving and need something quick and delicious. They are not only simple to make but are also nutritious and can be quickly whipped up with only a few ingredients. Whether you choose to have Kolkata’s favourite Kathi roll or Mumbai’s famous Frankie, you will always come across a new variety in this dish. But the one thing in all these varieties that we have come to love is indeed ! These rolls are filled with the goodness of and are wrapped in a chapatti that gives it a fulfilling taste. Along with that, the egg rolls are not only super simple to make but are also highly nutritious and give you a good amount of energy throughout the day!

To make this delicious roll, all you would need are basic home ingredients like milk, butter curd, a few , masalas, chapatti and of course, eggs! You can make this dish anytime you feel hungry. The egg roll also makes a good breakfast option since it’s loaded with nutrients that give you energy and keep you healthy! Once you make this dish, pair it with , ketchup or any dip of your preference for maximum indulgence! Read the full of egg roll below:

How To Make Egg Roll | Easy Egg Roll Recipe

To make this dish, mix eggs, and black pepper and milk and keep aside in a bowl. Now take a chapati and pour the egg mix on it. Put 1 tsp butter in the dish and cook, uncovered, at high flame for half a minute. Pour 1/4 of the egg mixture, turn around to cover the base of the dish cover, and cook for an additional one minute. Pass a knife under it and remove it from the dish onto a plate and keep it aside. Repeat the process till the desired number of rolls. Once done, take it out on a plate.

To make a dip with it, mix together the yoghurt, salt, green chilli, the coriander leaves and enjoy!

For the full recipe of egg rolls, click here.

Make this yummy dish and let us know you liked the taste of it!


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