How To Make Dhaba-Style Dal Makhani

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is one of the most popular North Indian dishes that needs no introduction. This Punjabi dish is so comforting and wholesome that we order it every time we dine at any north Indian restaurant. The ingredients used while preparing this dal – a blend of whole and luscious cream – makes this dal one-of-a-kind. You all must have tried restaurant-style dal makhani, but have you ever thought of trying dhaba-style dal makhani? Although the dish is the same, dal makhani served in restaurants is different from dal makhani served at dhabas. If you have ever had dal makhani at roadside (highway) dhabas while travelling to the north, then you know what we are talking about. It’s richer (read: more butter and cream) and is cooked for hours in an earthen pot. Now you can try your hands at making this recipe within the comfort of your own home kitchen!

Here we bring you an easy recipe for dhaba-style dal makhani. The invigorating aroma and creamy flavour of this dal is something else.

Here’s How To Make Dhaba-Style Dal Makhani | Easy Dhaba-Style Dal Makhani Recipe:

To make this dal, all you need to do is soak urad dal and cook it until 3-4 whistles. Drain out the black from the dal. Rinse the cooked dal one more time.

Now, put it back in the pressure cooker and add the Kashmiri chilli powder, , ginger, butter, cream, tomato puree, powder and salt. Once done, mash the dal with the back of the ladle to mix it in well.

Click here for the full recipe of dhaba-style dal makhani.

This dhaba-style dal makhani recipe is comparatively easy to make and requires easily accessible ingredients. Try this recipe at home, pair it up with naan or tandoori roti, there you get your wholesome dhaba-style spread ready to be savoured.


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