How To Make Bhindi Curry For A Delicious Wholesome Dinner

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The weekdays can be hectic and tiring for everyone. Whether we are working from home or going to the office, once the day starts, we don’t get the time to take a break till the day ends. That is why dinner is an important time of the day as that is when we get to take a step back and enjoy the company of our family and relax after a busy day of work. It is important to have tasty for dinner, irrespective of what day it is as eating delicious food also helps us relax, de-stress and bond. Tasty food doesn’t have to be momos or pizza, it could be a simple vegetable prepared in rich spices. Hence, we have found the perfect vegetable curry for you and your family to enjoy. This curry is made from none other than the classic bhindi (okra).

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is a masaledaar take on our favourite bhindi. This recipe uses easily available ingredients and spices to make a spicy and wholesome curry for dinner. You can serve this bhindi curry with roti, rice and paratha to make a complete meal.

How To Make Bhindi Curry | :

Start by cooking okra in a pan. Once the okra is completely cooked, keep it aside. Next, you’ll need to prepare a paste. Grind , ginger, garlic, green chillies, curd, cloves, green cardamom and cinnamon to a thick paste.

In a kadhai, saute tej patta and onion in oil. Cook the onion till they are golden. Season it with turmeric powder, chilli powder, coriander powder and cumin powder. Add the tomato-curd paste. Pour water to make it gravy and season with salt. Add the cooked okra and cook the curry till the masala is infused in okra.

Click here for the step-by-step recipe of Bhindi Curry.

Sounds delicious, right? Make this bhindi curry at home and tell us how liked this dish in the comments section!

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