High Protein Diet: How To Make Soya Idli For A Fulfilling Meal

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We all are familiar with the adage, “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”. A light and nutritious dinner ensures that your digestive health is in check, while a filling and protein-packed breakfast has the potential to kick-start your day on a healthy note. And if you trying to shed extra kilos, a protein-rich meal may help amp up your journey. While eggs and chicken are the most common protein options that one may use to prepare a wholesome breakfast but it may get mundane sometimes. If that’s your story too, then we are here to help! Here we bring to you a super soft, spongy and filling breakfast recipe that not only has the goodness of protein in it but also doesn’t compromise on the taste quotient. We’re talking about Soya .

As the name suggests, this recipe of idli involves soybean along with and urad dal- which makes the whole recipe enriched with good protein. All three of these ingredients are further soaked, ground and fermented to make a thick and consistent batter. Not just that! This batter can also be used as a to make perfect healthy and crispy dosas in quite a few minutes.

Here’s How You Can Make Soya Idli | Soya :

To begin with, the recipe of Soya Idli, start by soaking the dal, rice and soybean. Soak soybean separately in another bowl. Once soaked, grind the ingredients. Add salt and stir well to combine, Set aside for at least 5-6 hours for fermentation.

Now, steam in an idli steamer and serve hot with and nariyal ki chutney alongside.

Apart from idli and dosa, you can make variations of idli like Idli Upma, Uttapam, Paniyarams and many more recipes with this batter.

Click here for the recipe of Soya Idli

For more high protein idli recipes, click here.

So, the next time hunger pangs strike – try this wholesome and appetizing Soya Idli recipe. Also, do not forget to tell us how you liked it in the comment section below. Happy Cooking!

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