High Protein Diet: How To Make Rajma Raita To Pair With Your Every Day Meal (Recipe Inside)

is possibly one of the most underrated dishes in Indian cuisine. It holds a constant position in a traditional thali. Be it with biryani or dal-, we love having some raita by the side. But not much is spoken about raita while discussing about an . Ever wondered why? It might be because this dish is majorly considered an accompaniment to the main dishes. But did you know raita has more to it than just being a side dish? It is light, healthy and helps boost and gut health. It is also a major source of probiotic, thanks to the yogurt used in the recipe. That’s not all. You can also make it healthier by customising the recipe as per choice.

Yes, you heard us. A classic raita is made by mixing salt, cumin and some basic spices to . But if you explore, you will find several other recipes that includes cucumber, vegetables, leaves, boondi etc. And if you like experimenting, then add lobia, pineapple, pomegranate etc to the dish. Another such unique recipe is rajma raita. Also called dahi rajma, it is a dish that mixes boiled rajma with dahi and some other spices. Sounds interesting, right? We got you the recipe too. Take a look.

How To Make High Protein Rajma Raita:

To make this dish, first pressure-cook rajma with some salt. Strain the water and keep aside. Now, in a bowl add dahi, black salt, some honey and whip until the dahi turns creamy. Now add roasted cumin powder, red chilli powder, black pepper powder and mix.

Finally, add the boiled rajma and coriander leaves and mix.

Click here for the step-by-step recipe.

Make it today and add some extra protein to your regular meal without much effort.

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