Here’s An Easy Hack To Peel Pineapple The Right Way With Minimal Wastage

Whether paired with a refreshing or consumed as a juicy snack by itself, there are few things as uniquely delicious as pineapple. The brightly-coloured fruit is fulfilling to the taste buds as well as to the body; thanks to the range of it offers. According to the book ‘Healing Foods’ by DK Publishing, “Pineapple is a good source of manganese, which can boost men’s health, and contains significant amount of vitamin C.” A single 100 gram serving of pineapple can fulfil up to 79% of the recommended daily Vitamin C intake, as per the USDA.

However, when it comes to eating the pineapple fruit fresh, most of us tend to falter. This may be due to the complicated process of peeling and cutting the fruit which is significantly large in size. Pineapple fruit also has spikes on all sides that need to be removed properly else they can hurt the mouth when consumed.

So, go about peeling a pineapple the right way? Here’s the way to think about it – see the pineapple’s spikes or eyes as arranged in a diagonal direction across the fruit. Once you follow the pattern you will understand that the correct way to peel a pineapple is not horizontally or vertically, but rather, in a diagonal spiral. This method is very popularly used in South Asian countries to quickly slice the fruit and remove its rough edges.

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Here Is The Step-By-Step Hack To Quickly Peel Up A Pineapple:

1. Place the pineapple flat on a smooth surface. Slice off the top and the bottom layers of the pineapple fruit.

2. Now align the fruit vertically, and cut off each side from top to bottom in order to remove the external spikes from the fruit. Make sure to slice thinly in order to retain maximum flesh.

3. To remove the eyes of the pineapple, simply make cuts along the side of the pineapple following the diagonal direction in which they are arranged. Use V-shaped incisions to remove the pokey eyes of the pineapple.

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This will form a spiral along the edges of the fruit. After this, you can chop and dice the pineapple as you please without having to worry about getting the unwanted parts in your mouth. Always use a sharp knife and be careful not to hurt yourself in the process. Bon appetit!

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