Healthy Or Indulgent? This Video Of Broccoli With Cheese Has Confused Reddit

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Broccoli is undoubtedly one of the most well-known superfoods. The dark green floret is said to be good for skin and loss too. It is loaded with essential vitamins, minerals as well as plenty of fibre. Since it is low in calories, experts recommend it for those watching their weight. In spite of all its , broccoli is often shunned for its taste. The vegetable is avoided by foodies due to its bland taste, which is why many attempt to recreate it and make it more palatable. One such surfaced on Reddit, which showed a bed of Broccoli served with melted cheese on top. Take a look:

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The video was shared by u/Nerdman61 in the sub-Reddit r/StupidFood. It received 5.1k upvotes and hundreds of comments. In the short clip, we could see a plate of boiled Broccoli. Molten cheese was heated in a separate pan and then poured on top of it. The funny thing was that this Broccoli and cheese was touted to be ‘healthy’. “The caption was “Healthy eating for the win,” revealed the user.

Reddit users reacted to the video of Broccoli with cheese. While some said that the combination was completely unhealthy, others said that it was actually a great recipe for those on a diet. Others were also concerned about the quantity of cheese in the recipe. Take a look at the reactions:

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