Harsh Goenka’s Tweet About His “Best Food Memories” Will Make You Nostalgic

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Have you ever noticed that most of our fond memories are connected with food? It is strange how we remember the taste of some specific foods, along with the aroma and surroundings. Industrialist ’s recent post on Twitter is one such instance that will surely make you nostalgic. He shared an image of a food that he said reminded him of his travel days with his mother. On Twitter, he uploaded a picture of a toasted bread with butter and sprinkled on the top. There is a cup of along with it.

Goenka captioned the post, “My best food memories are enjoying a thickly sliced well-buttered toast sprinkled with lots of sugar along with tea travelling in a train with my mom?”

If it’s a food memory associated with his mother, we are sure it is very special for him! In the same post, he asked his followers about their best food memories. And he received several amusing responses. Let’s take a look.

Singer Adnan Sami shared a picture of a similar slice of bread but with ‘malai’ on the top. We see a lot of ‘malai’ spread on a toasted bread, sprinkled with sugar. There’s a cup of tea kept on the side. Adnan Sami agreed to Goenka’s post and wrote, “Indeed…and add fresh ‘Malai’ on top of that and you’re in ‘Heaven’!!!”

Another Twitter user commented, “Fafda, Jalebi, and Nylon Khammam on Sundays.” The user also posted a picture of a Gujarati that of course included the mentioned items – Fafda, Jalebi and Nylon Khammam. We can also see some mouth-watering chutneys.

A user replied, “Breakfast in the Pantry Car in the Deccan Queen – and Toast and a Pot of English Tea – with my Dad – who introduced me to countless such sublime experiences! Yaad Aa Gayi Bhule Huve Afsaanon Ki (This made me nostalgic)!”

Two users approved of , fried aloo, and mango pickle. One wrote it in the comment, while the other put a delectable picture of the same.

So, what is your best food memory — something that takes you back to your childhood and makes you nostalgic of those bygone days?

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