Harsh Goenka Reveals His Favourite Street Food; Can You Guess

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When we think of Indian cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is the extensive range of street food. From Delhi’s famous aloo chaat to Maharashtra’s and to Karnataka’s bonda, each region has its unique street food speciality that never ceases to surprise us! And just like us, business tycoon too has a favourite street food. Recently, the RPG Group chairman, Harsh Goenka revealed that he is a big fan of street food on Twitter. In his tweet, he wrote, “There is , bhel puri, ragda pattice, but my all-time favourite is jhalmuri. What gives it the special kick is mustard oil.” Along with his tweet, he also shared a of a street vendor preparing some delicious jhalmuri.

In the short video, shared by the industrialist, we can see that the vendor adds murmure, chanachur, , spices and an assortment of chutneys and quickly whips up the jhalmuri. You can also hear the customer saying “spicy dena bhaiya” (Please make it spicy.) Take a look at the tweet here:

Ever since this tweet was shared, it has garnered 33.7k views and has more than one thousand likes. Many people have also commented on the video. Some have shared their childhood memories with this street food, while others have shared different ways of preparing it!

One user wrote, “We have been eating it since our childhood and will continue to do so. Ye sb se Delhi Belly to nhi par Belly Khush jrur ho jata hai.” Another user added, “Down South, in Mangalore/Udupi belt we do it with Coconut Oil. And in the season we add raw mango. Next level!!!”

Harsh Goenka even told one of his followers that they could find good jhalmuri in Mumbai near “F road Marine Drive.”

Lastly, he also revealed in the comments that like to have Chinese bhel!

What is your favourite street food? Let us know in the comments below!


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