Gur-Chana Ladoo Recipe: This 2-Ingredient Sweet Screams Guilt-Free Indulgence

Sweet treats can uplift our mood any time of the day, especially for the ones with sweet tooth. But these yummy delights bring along the misery of excess calorie intake. This can further lead to several health issues including weight gain and . Hence, we are in a constant search for dessert options that can strike the right balance between health and taste. One such unique dessert is gur-chana ladoo. Jaggery with roasted chickpeas is one traditional combination that our parents and grandparents have been enjoying since eons. These two food ingredients are tasty, nutritious and have several .

While chickpeas are enriched with , jaggery is a storehouse of healthy carbs. Together, they provide our body with essential nutrients and keep us full for a longer period of time. Giving a flavourful spin to this classic combination, we bring you a ladoo that can be prepared in just 30 minutes.

All you need to do is mix roasted chana in jaggery syrup and prepare small round balls out of it. You can also add cardamom powder, desiccated coconut and sesame seeds to make the ladoos yet more delectable.

Here’s The Basic -Chana Ladoo Recipe For You:


One cup roasted kala chana, de-skinned

One cup jaggery


Step 1. Heat some in a kadhai.

Step 2. Break the jaggery into small pieces and add to it.

Step 3. Keep the flame low/medium and keep stirring continuously till the jaggery gets dissolved.

Step 4. When you get a thick, syrup-y consistency, add the roasted chana to it and mix everything together.

Step 5. Transfer the mix into a bowl and let to cool a bit.

Step 6. Now make small ladoos out of the mix and let them cool completely.

Enjoy the healthy and crunchy gur-chana ladoo whenever you want. Happy Snacking!

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