Frozen Honey Trend: What Is So Addictive About This Quick Sweet

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There are so many interesting and trends that surface on the internet. Recently, a trend of consuming coffee with juice had taken the internet by storm. A number of people suggested using this combination as a method to ensure speedy weight loss. However, experts advised against relying on this as the sole means to lose weight. After lemon coffee, another new trend that is gaining traction is the frozen trend. Just like the name suggests, it involves freezing honey in a plastic bottle and then consuming it like a popsicle. Take a look:

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Frozen honey has been trending on social media for quite some time now. In the videos, we see raw honey being poured into a small plastic bottle and being left to freeze. Once the bottle is taken out from the freezer, it can be squeezed and consumed like a popsicle.

Some users experimented with the flavours of the quick sweet, adding their own unique food colours to it. This includes spicy ones like Sriracha, or frozen honey with bits of candy or boba pearls added to it. Take a look at this video which featured a blue-coloured version of frozen honey:

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The Frozen honey trend has definitely taken social media by storm. But what makes it such a huge hit? Some think it may be the refreshing flavour and unique texture of the frozen honey that resembles a jelly-like substance that is sweet and melts in the mouth too. The fact that this quick sweet could be made easily at home further added to frozen honey’s appeal. However, experts and nutritionists suggest that excess frozen honey could raise levels and result in a spike, thus harming the health in the long run.

So, give this interesting and unique food trend a try! However, always remember to consume frozen honey in moderation and don’t binge on it.

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