From Thattu Dosa To Banana Flower: Anushka Sharma Enjoys Special Sadhya-Style Meal

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is a self-confessed foodie. We have often spotted her trying different cuisines. On Tuesday, the actress has shared an image of a “delicious” meal served on a banana leaf. India has a long tradition of serving meals on banana leaves, especially in the southern parts of the country. Eating from a plate of banana leaves is considered healthy as well as auspicious during festivals. An advantage of using banana leaves is that they are big enough to accommodate a multi-course meal and are also biodegradable. Anushka probably realised the benefits of eating from a ‘natural’ platter.

The image Anushka Sharma shared on showed us a glimpse of her Sadhya-style meal served on a banana leaf. It had feathery soft . It is unlike the regular crispy dosa we eat. On her traditional platter, we could also spot a delectable banana flower curry – a popular dish in . There was a yummy preparation of drumsticks too. Don’t forget the banana kept on the side. The actress has captioned the image with the word “Delicious”.

Now, take a look at Anushka Sharma’s coffee post, shared last week. It was special in every way. This coffee had Virat and Anushka’s faces crafted on the top of the foam. The actress was delighted to see their faces designed on the coffee. Anushka captioned her experience, “We are so delicious.” From the post, it looked like she was also enjoying a drool-worthy macaron with the coffee.   

A few days ago, Anushka Sharma was in Dubai and no doubt that she enjoyed some of the best treats during her stay in teh Gulf nation. What did she eat? Roasted topped with drool-worthy cheese. The cauliflower was seasoned and marinated and finally roasted for the dish.

Anushka Sharma’s yummy feasts often feature interesting combinations of various delicacies. Once, she posted a picture that featured a variety of desserts. Anushka must have relished them to her heart’s content. That day, her feast included pastries, puffs and other items. There were some cupcakes too. 

We wish Anushka Sharma good luck for upcoming food adventures.

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