From Paneer Tikka Masala To Haryali Paneer Tikka: 5 Paneer Tikka Recipes You Must Try

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Every time we decide to cook something special at home, most of us resort to recipes. Whether you make delicious shahi paneer or paneer do pyaza, this ingredient is easy to whip up and super versatile. However, when talking about paneer , has to be the most loved and popular choice to devour! The soft on the inside and crispy, charred, flavorful on the outside – paneer tikka melts in our mouth in every bite. And when paired with spicy and onion rings, then brace yourself for maximum indulgence! So, if just reading this has made you crave some yummy paneer tikka, then it’s now time to give a twist of taste to this popular recipe and try out new variations in it!

Easy Paneer Tikka Recipes: Here Are 5 Paneer Tikka Recipes To Try:

1. Haryali Paneer Tikka

This yummy recipe is made with a marinade of curd, roasted gram flour, mint-coriander paste, green chilli paste, lemon juice, spices and has a lip-smacking taste to it! This recipe is easy and quick to make. Find the recipe here.

2. Paneer Tikka Masala

If you love a smoky flavour and spicy gravy, then this recipe is a must-try! In this dish, the paneer tikka is first grilled with spices and , then it is added to spicy tomato-based gravy with a few veggies. This recipe is surely a show stopper. See the recipe here.

3. Tikka

We all know that getting a dhaba-style flavour at home is challenging. But to make things easy for you, we have just the recipe you need. In this quick and delicious recipe, all you need are basic home ingredients to whip up a Dhaba style paneer tikka. Find the recipe here.

4. Multani Paneer Tikka

This paneer tikka recipe is undoubtedly one of the offbeat recipes that you will love to have. In this recipe, paneer slices are stuffed with a mushroom mixture and then folded in a besan paste. Lastly, it cooked to a charred texture and enjoyed with chutney! For the full recipe, click here.

5. Microwave Paneer Tikka

If you don’t want your gas stove to be a mess with the paneer tikka batter, then cook yummy tikkas in your microwave! This recipe is quick to make, and your paneer slices will be perfectly cooked in a microwave. Check the recipe here.

So, the next time you have guests coming over, try out these yummy paneer tikka recipes and let us know which one you liked the best!

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