From Cabbage Soup To Bajra Soup: 5 Winter Soups That Can Aid In Weight Loss

When the temperatures drop, be prepared to embrace some warm food. And, it doesn’t always have to be a plate of or a steaming cup of coffee. During winters, there’s nothing quite as comforting as a warm bowl of soup. Whether looking for a filling or an evening appetiser, hearty are the way to go. Keep your weight loss regime intact with soups. A good bowl of soup not only fills your appetite but also enriches the body with proteins and minerals that are required during cold days. 

Here Are 5 Winter Soups To Try For Weight Loss

1) Cabbage Soup

This one is sure to catch the attention of many who love to relish soups. You can make this heavenly delight using an assortment of vegetables with cabbage. It’s filling, flavourful and surely a great slurp that would take your tastebuds on a ride.  


Green peas are naturally sweet legumes loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. Tired of the regular matar at home?It’s time to treat your tastebuds to green pea soup. Prepare it at any time of the day without much hassle.   

3) Tomato Carrot Soup

Fresh carrots and tomatoes come together to create this drool-worthy preparation. Tomato carrot soup reflects a classic blend of the two food items cooked with mild spices. Carrots and tomatoes are low on calories and promote weight loss. During winters, a bowl of this soup is all you need after a tiring day at work.

4) Chickpea Soup

This soup and your weight loss plan can go hand in hand. Chickpeas are packed with vitamins, minerals and fibres. Including this soup into your will help you feel satiated and reduce food cravings.    

5) Bajra Soup

Bajra soup will help keep your body warm during the ongoing winter season. Apart from helping in weight loss, this delectable soup also helps in digestion. It works like magic for diabetics as well as breastfeeding mothers.

Try out these recipes and let us know which one you liked the best!

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