“Food=Love,” Says Madhuri Dixit As She Relishes This Gujarati Thali

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The traditional has earned fame not just within the state but also outside. Gujaratis use a delectable combination of spices to cook their meals, which also makes their food exotic, distinct from the other Indian cuisines. Enjoying this taste from Gujarat is Madhuri Dixit. In an post, Madhuri shared a clip of her enjoying a Gujarati thali. Her thali had a variety of dishes and it has indeed made us hungry. On the platter, we could see or chapati (homemade flatbread), fluffy puris (deep-fried bread), a variety of shaak (sabzi) prepared with various vegetables and spices.

We see Madhuri adding a few small bowls of potato , khatti-mithi dal and yummy kadhi into her plate. We can spot white steamed rice, a bowl full of yogurt, a preparation of greens on her thali. There’s some dhokla kept on the side along with pickles. For desserts, we could see gulab jamun. There was some chaachh (buttermilk) kept in a kulhad next to the thali.

Madhuri’s trip to Gujarat was truly a delicious food affair, we must say. She captioned the post, “Food = Love”, and used hashtags such as ‘gujratithali’ and ‘wheningujarat’. In the video clip, Madhuri also added a sticker that shows a similar thali and a text that reads, “Good food is a good mood.”

Watch the video here:

We all know Madhuri Dixit for her acting and dance prowess. However, what many may not know is that she appreciates good food, too, especially on Sundays. Weekends call for a delicious fare and good food makes her happy. Some time ago, we saw her relishing some healthy food made up of greens on a weekend. Madhuri shared a photo of her food platter on Instagram. We saw her having some chopped zucchini, pan-sushi and faba beans. She used the hashtags ‘Sundayfunday’ and ‘Sunday meal’. Read more about it here.

Earlier this year, we saw Madhuri Dixit trying a pizza made by her husband, Dr Sriram Nene. He made two pizzas — “both in the regular kind and in the low carb keto kind” — and shared their recipes as well. While chomping on one of the pizzas, Madhuri also gave her verdict. To see the recipes and know what Madhuri felt about her husband’s skills, click here.

Though Madhuri Dixit doesn’t post regularly about food, whenever she does, it makes us hungry. Don’t you wish to see more from Madhuri Dixit’s ?

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