Food Legend Ado Campeol Aka ‘Father Of Tiramisu’ Dies In Italy Aged 93

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Italian food legend Ado Campeol has passed away. His best contribution to the world of food is the innovation of the world-famous – the . In fact, he is often called the ‘Father of Tiramisu’. Campeol died over the weekend at the age of 93. The governor of the Veneta region, Luco Zaia, shared the in an announcement on Facebook. “With Ado Campeol, gone today at age 93, Treviso loses another one of its gastronomical stars,” he wrote. Take a look:

“I extend to all the family members my deepest condolences in the memory of a figure like Aldo, who contributed to the great Treviso,” wrote the governor in his post.

Ado Campeol was the owner of ‘Le Beccherie’ restaurant in Treviso. Apart from the amazing hospitality and great food served by the eatery, one of its most popular inventions was the Tiramisu. Campeol’s restaurant was the first one to offer the sinful mixture of espresso-coated biscuits topped with mascarpone  and finished off with cocoa powder.

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This divine dessert first came about in the 1970s and has featured on the restaurant’s menu ever since. Legends suggest it was the result of a mistake by Campeol’s wife Alba, and the chef at ‘Le Beccherie’, Roberto Linguanatto. According to food historians, the dish was accidentally invented while the chef was making vanilla cream. Chef Roberto noticed mascarpone complimented eggs and sugar perfectly, and with Alba Campeol’s help, the duo complemented it with coffee-soaked ladyfinger sponges. They called it the Tiramisu, which literally translates to ‘pick-me-up’ or ‘lift-me-up’.

The concept of Tiramisu took off from there and achieved global fame. The Campeol family never patented their , however, locals widely accept them as the original creators. Nowadays, nearly every Italian restaurant and cafe feature this traditional Italian dessert on its menu.


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