Food Brands Join Latest ‘Red Flag’ Trend On Twitter, See Best Memes Here

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Twitter is one place you will find an abundance of funny content. There are several trends that keep surfacing on the micro-blogging platform every now and then. Recently, when Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram faced a 6-hour outage, it had rained memes on Twitter. Before that, the Met Gala 2021 also saw some interesting and bizarre looks by celebrities which gave birth to some hilarious and funny content by Twitterati and brands too. And now, the ‘’ trend is the latest one that has caught the attention of Twitter users. Wondering what it is? Here’s all you need to know.

The Red Flag Twitter trend started in the US when users began talking about problematic statements or situations in personal relationships. For instance, if a person said they were still friends with their ex. The trend soon experienced a spurt and people began to use the Red Flag trend to talk about all sorts of no-nos in people including likes, dislikes, and personal preferences which don’t resonate well. Typically, the trend involves a one-line statement with a couple of following it.

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According to Cnet, the platform has seen a 455% rise in tweets using emoji in the US. On Tuesday, Twitter saw 1.5 million tweets globally using the Red Flag emoji. This trend has percolated down to food brands as well, including Dominos, Subway, and KFC who used this trend to share some hilarious posts and memes. Take a look at the best ones here.

Dunkin Donuts and too took to Twitter to share funny posts in the Red flag trend. Even cola drink Pepsi joined the fun. Take a look:

Delivery services applications Dunzo and reservation service Yelp also shared some funny foodie memes on the red flag trend.

Indian production house Dharma Movies also joined the fun with a funny post about food. Take a look:

Cookbook author and television show host said that not liking Indian food was a big red flag for her. Check it out:

What did you think of these red flag memes? Tell us your versions of it in the comments below.

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