Food Blogger Uses Paratha To Make Pizza Puff; Internet Approves This Desi Hack

f9qguino paratha

Who doesn’t love pizza?! Just thinking about a cheesy thin crust pizza loaded with delicious toppings makes us salivate! This Italian delicacy has managed to win the hearts of people all around the world. So much so that pizza has become an important part of our cuisine. We have created fusions like kulhad pizza, tandoori pizza and more to incorporate our love for pizza. Thanks to the internet we have encountered another such unique fusion dish that is a culinary genius! We have managed to stuff the pizza in a samosa and now a desi has stuffed parathas with pizza to give a crispy pizza puff pastry. Take a look:

Uploaded by Shihan Chowdhury via @chillipeppercooks on Instagram, he teaches a quick and easy way to make pizza puff with the flakiest outer layer and the secret to the flaky and crispy puff is none other than paratha! He uses raw paratha as the base of the pizza, spreads the marinara sauce, places the pepperonis and garnishes it with cheese and chopped green chillies. Finally, he places another raw paratha on top of the pizza and seals the puff by pinching on the raw . Next, he washes the raw puff with egg and then bakes it in the oven. The result is a crispy, flaky and cheesy pizza puff that will make you drool! The has 839k views and around 34k likes so far.

This genius hack has amazed people on the internet! We usually stuff parathas with masala or paneer bhurji; we would have never figured out this cool trick of using parathas to make a flaky and delicious pizza puff. Who would have thought that parathas could be used in this scrumptious way?! What do you think of this puff? Do tell us in the comments section!

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