Fiery Street-Style Golgappe From Gwalior Triggers Hygiene Debate On Social Media

The very idea of golgappa is enough to make people go crazy. Called by different names, this street is highly popular among children and adults. Elderly people too once in a while try it because of the extremely tangy these spicy balls carry. A big complaint of gourmets, however, is that often they come across street vendors who give hygiene a toss and they have no choice but to try their for the taste. A recently visited a golgappe wala in Gwalior and shared his experience on his Instagram account. The post has got more than 50,000 likes in just two days.

Why, you ask? Check the video yourself.

The video shows the street vendor preparing a thick masala, which he then pours into the green water. He stirs the water with his bare hands and very humbly offers customers his golgappe. After having just one golgappe, the food blogger started to rub his eyes and nose. He said it was India’s spiciest golgappe and he could not eat more than one. “Bhagat Ji Ke Golgappe is known for their fiery golgappe in Gwalior. If you love spicy (food), then do try,” said the blogger in the caption.

While he only intended to refer to the extreme use of in making the golgappe, many users pointed out the lack of hygiene at the stall or by the vendor.

One user said the street vendor washed his whole hand in the golgappe water.

poisoning,” said another.

A person said someone should give the street vendor a pair of gloves.

However, many were more interested in the taste of the golgappe.

“Waow, this looks so yummy and delicious, and it’s a yummy capture as well,” said a user.

“It appears mouthwatering. I think I will have to visit the place,” read a comment.

If this video made you crave golgappe or wonder about hygiene at street vendors’ stalls, here’s what you can do: Make healthy and nutritious golgappe at your home with all food safety protocols.

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