Everything We Need To Know About Alaya F’s Food Habits And Choices

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The breakout star of 2020, Alaya Furniturewala (also known as Alaya F) has managed to win the hearts of Indians with her friendly nature. With over 1.1 followers on Instagram, her fans love to see what’s going on in her life; from her sets life to her vacation photos. Recently, Alaya F decided to interact with her fans on a personal level by holding an ‘Ask Me Anything’ on her Instagram stories and her fans didn’t shy away from asking about her food preferences. Thanks to her stories, we have got to know much about Alaya’s foodie personality and we can’t help but relate to her love for food.

In her ‘Ask Me Anything’, one of her fans started with the most desi question of all – they asked her to choose between tea and coffee. Her reply was ” I like both, but definitely coffee because without coffee I am very dysfunctional”. Next, a fan asked what her favourite homemade food was and she said it was dahi bhindi. Who would have thought that a celebrity would also love bhindi?! The fans also asked if she was vegan and she answered, “No, I am not vegan. But I have turned … I love milk and I love so I don’t think veganism is for me.”

They also asked if she could suggest some detox drinks and she had her answer ready, “Here’s a super simple one. Take a bottle of water, put cucumber, lemon and mint in it and just let it be in there… it is really tasty and really good for you.” One fan wanted her to suggest a and she said “Hummus and carrot, peanut butter and cracker, with nimbu and salt red chilli powder and pepper and maybe some fruits and nuts.”

Now coming to the all-important dessert and ! For her favourite dessert, she said “It is a little random but I am obsessed with carrot cake but like the correct carrot cake, it has to be proper… I like most desserts but I just don’t like chocolatey desserts.” And she revealed her favourite cheat meal – “Schezwan and shreekhand puri, like together. Like I’ll have one bite of this and one bite of this and then back and forth.”

Turns out, Alaya F is a foodie just like us and her food choices are just another reason why we love her even more. Do tell us in the comments section what you think about Alaya F’s food choices.

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