Ever Wondered Why Pizza Comes With A Tiny Table? Funny Video Explains

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There are some mysteries in life that always remain unexplained. For instance, why does every pizza delivery box have a small plastic table in its centre? A quick search on Google will reveal that this small table actually has a purpose. Known as a ‘pizza saver’ or ‘pizza stool’, this tiny plastic table keeps the top of the from coming in contact with the pizza. Thus, the pizza stays intact and fresh when delivered. However, a has come up with a hilarious yet pertinent use of this tiny table. According to the video, the can double up as a pizza cutter! Wondering how? Take a look and see for yourself:

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The video of the pizza hack was shared on Reels by user @shazaabfarooqui, who is a content creator based in the US. It has raked in over 17.6 million views and 155k likes since the time it was shared.

In the funny hack, he shared what he realised was the real use of the tiny table inside a pizza box. “I was today years old when I learned what this was,” read the header of the video. In the clip, someone was trying to take a slice of pizza from a box. This is when Farooqui used the plastic table to prevent this and it ended up breaking apart the slice and retaining it back in the box! “Who would’ve thought this was the pizza cutter #pizza #lifehack,” he wrote in the caption of the hilarious video.

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The garnered thousands of comments from users on Instagram. “No it’s a table for my dolls,” argued one in the comments section. “It’s the pizza conference table to decide who will get eaten first,” commented another user.

We think it’s a great way to prevent pizza slices from finishing too fast! Who knew this small invention could be used in this way too? What did you think of the pizza hack? Tell us in the comments below.


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