Egg Pepper Fry Recipe: Make This Yummy Egg Dish In Just 20 Minutes

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If you are one of those who often stay busy throughout the day, then you probably don’t have much time to prepare a meal for yourself. And that’s when most of us rely on making instant foods or ordering something in. However, having instant and restaurant meals every day can take a toll on our health. So, if you also find yourself in the same situation every now and then, it’s now time to change the routine and indulge in something nutritious and delicious. While there are many to try, today, we bring you an easy to make and healthy recipe of that you will absolutely love to devour.

Eggs are undoubtedly one of the most versatile ingredients to cook with. You can throw in any combination of masalas, and it will adapt to its taste. Moreover, with the that eggs provide us, this recipe is a must-try as it will load you up with energy. In this recipe of egg pepper fry, all you need to do is pan fry the boiled eggs and toss them in the fiery masala paste. Once you make it, pair it with roti or naan. With only 20 minutes in your hand, a scrumptious meal will be ready! Read the full recipe below:

Egg Pepper Fry Recipe: How To Make Egg Pepper Fry

To make this dish, first, boil four eggs. Then in a pan, add some oil, turmeric, and pepper. Cut the boiled eggs into two halves and pan-fry them in masala oil. Once it turns golden brown, take them out. Now in the same oil, add sliced onions, leaves, green chillies, and ginger-garlic paste. Let it cook till the onions are soft. To this, add red chilli powder, pepper, chaat masala, coriander powder and salt as per taste. Mix it well, and then add the pan-. Combine all the flavours together. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve.

For the full recipe of egg pepper fry, click here.

Make this delicious delight, and let us know how you liked the taste of it!

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