‘Eat, Repeat’: Mira Kapoor Enjoyed These Vegetarian Meals On Her Dubai Vacation

'Eat, Repeat': Mira Kapoor Enjoyed These Vegetarian Meals On Her Dubai Vacation

If there’s one celebrity on Instagram we all adore, it has to be Mira Kapoor. The diva was recently on vacation in the UAE, travelling to Abu Dhabi and Dubai as part of her journey. And what’s a vacation without some great , right? Those who follow Mira Kapoor closely would be aware that she follows a vegetarian diet. She took to Instagram to share a Reels with all the delicious vegetarian meals that she devoured on her Dubai vacation. The video has already received over 20.9k likes since the time it was posted. Take a look:

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“Eat, Eat, Eat, Repeat #foodiealert,” she wrote in the caption of the post. Mira Kapoor went on to narrate how finding vegetarian food in the UAE was a big challenge for her. “Food for vegetarians like me in UAE is a challenge; egg is considered vegetarian for starters and basics like bread, pasta and even ice creams have egg,” she wrote.

Mira Kapoor then spoke about the delicious cuisines she sampled while in the country. She has always been fond of home-cooked food, which is why she specially requested her family friend to cook simple vegetarian food like Dal and Gobhi for her. “The Indian is basic and blah (I was quite surprised) and I thoroughly enjoyed a home-cooked meal at my family friend’s house where I literally begged to eat gobhi aloo and yellow dal,” she explained.

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Lebanese and was at the top of Mira Kapoor’s list while in UAE. A number of vegetarian options, the levels of spice and the options were the reason why she ate Lebanese food practically every other day. “Italian was a saviour and some deliiiicious grana Padano pasta, burrata and my favourite Italian dish Eggplant Parmigiana,” she added. She then listed some of her favourite meals at multiple restaurants, including a specially-curated Japanese meal with Maki and Mushroom Hot Pot rice.

Mira Kapoor then revealed the details of a delicious dessert at Bebabel, Dubai that she really enjoyed in spite of not having a sweet tooth. She asked followers to help her identify the dessert in the comments section!

We love how Mira Kapoor went all out with her foodie recommendations from UAE! So, if you’re visiting Dubai and want to try some great vegetarian food, take notes from Mira Kapoor’s food diaries. What did you think of the post by Mira Kapoor? Tell us in the comments.


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