East Meets West In This Fusion Butter Chicken Tacos; Desi Viewers Are Confused

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Fusion dishes have become the new trend! It doesn’t matter how bizarre the combination may be, it always manages to find a spotlight on the internet. As a matter of fact, the more bizarre the dish, the more popular it gets! When people hear that someone has managed to make a paratha out of or ice cream out of , it just piques our curiosity and makes us wonder how can a dish like this even exist, and if it does, can it even taste good! Today, we have found another such fusion dish that is boggling the minds of desi viewers on the internet and it is called butter chicken tacos.

In the video, we see the vendor take naan like taco shells. On each shell, he spreads a generous serving of the butter chicken gravy, making sure it covers all sides of the taco shell. Next, the vendor adds boneless butter chicken pieces and some raw sliced onions on the taco shells and closes it like a taco. The is grilled in a pizza oven to give the typical crispy hard taco exterior. The butter chicken taco is ready! You can find this fusion Mexican-Indian dish at ‘Sizzlin Slices’, Jail Road, New Delhi. The video was uploaded by Instagram based food blogger @tandooribiceps and it has over 328k views and 18k likes.

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This butter chicken taco has confused the internet. As always, people’s views were poles apart from each other. Some people were actually tempted to try out this dish as it looked quite delicious and even the food blogger reviewed it as “5/5” for taste in his caption. But many people were hesitant to consider this dish as taco as it didn’t have some of the most popular taco ingredients. Here’s what people commented about this butter chicken taco:


“That’s amazing”

“That’s not a taco though”

“This is not even a taco”

“Mexicans (sic) want to know your location”

What did you think about this Mexican-Indian fusion dish? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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