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Celebrities like Shilpa Shetty have always motivated us to lead a healthy life. She is a die-heart foodie. But the way she manages to follow a strict diet plan is commendable. The mother of two may follow her heart and dig in a variety of dishes once in a while but she stays loyal to her clean eating habits. The actress likes to kickstart her day on a healthy note. At least that’s what her recent Stories showed us today. Shilpa has shared a picture of her healthy breakfast bowl and it was filled with yummy soaked oats. We could also spot blueberries and sliced bananas in the dish. She captioned the image with two hashtags “soaked oats” and “breakfast girl.”   

Take a look:

If Shilpa Shetty’s one bowl breakfast made you hungry, do check out these one-bowl healthy :

1) Cranberry wellness bowl

This healthy one-bowl recipe carries vegetables like lettuce, corn kernels, chickpeas tossed with dried cranberries. You can relish it in the morning or have it as a light meal.   

2) Quinoa

How many of you love to dig in quinoa? This is a one-pot highly is for those who don’t have much time to cook up a proper meal. In this, sweet potatoes are cooked with quinoa, some and aromatic homely spices. Make this and enjoy.  

3) Banana peanut oatmeal bowl

This recipe will add the much-needed healthy quotient to your diet. You just need 20 minutes to prepare it. Cook this up at home and top it with bananas, peanut , hazelnut spread, nuts and seeds.

4) Oats and chicken porridge

Are you someone who loves chicken and is looking for healthy ways to savour it? Well, this oats and chicken porridge could be your go-to option. You can garnish the dish with crunchy fried brown onions. It is rich in protein and has good taste as well.

5) acai bowl

Here’s showing you a perfect way to kick-start your day on a healthy note. This decadent breakfast bowl features a heavenly combination of fresh berries, granola and crunchy nuts along with delicious cocoa. Just follow this recipe and you are good to go.

These rich and healthy one-bowl recipes will make your day.

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