Do Indian Food Bloggers Overuse Cheese? Twitter Users Share Memes

India is home to some of the most delicious and diverse street food. From Varanasi’s Tamatar chaat to Gujarat’s Dabeli, Delhi’s Chhole Bhature to Mumbai’s vada pav – there is so much variety of street food in every area. bloggers often showcase videos of these yummy treats being prepared by street food vendors. In many such videos, the chaat or preparation is garnished with a layer of before being served. This may be done to make the street food look attractive and presentable for the food bloggers’ videos and may not be a part of the actual preparation. Some may also try to make the street food more indulgent with the addition of or cheese.

users recently pointed out how cheese and butter are two of the most-loved ingredients by Indian food bloggers. Nearly every video captures some chaat being prepared with the use of cheese. This interesting observation gave birth to some hilarious memes shared on Twitter. The memes by multiple accounts make fun of how most of Indian food bloggers’ videos capture these calorie-laden treats.

Take a look at some of the funny memes on the overuse of cheese captured by Indian food bloggers:

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We hope these memes will prompt food bloggers to rethink capturing videos loaded with cheese. There is so much more to Indian street food than this, right? If all this chatter about street food has got you craving chaat, then worry not. We have found 5 recipes you can make at home for a twist to your usual meals. Click here for the recipes.

What did you think of the funny memes about the overuse of cheese by Indian food bloggers? Tell us in the comments below.

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