Diwali 2021: This Delicious Dip Will Amp Up Your House Party In No Time

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The festival of lights – Diwali – calls for all things special including food. Most of us like to arrange house parties and spend some quality time with our family and friends. But before that, you need to decide on a menu that would certainly impress the guests and make the house party a memorable one. Along with other things that you have decided to prepare, you can easily rustle up ’s new recipe. Wondering what it is? He shared the recipe of a delicious dip, prepared using Dill leaves, in his latest . It’s hustle-free and you wouldn’t have to spend a long time in the kitchen.

In the caption, he called it, “Dill-ishaaas Diwali Dip for your home party,” pun intended of course.


1) Hung curd – 200 gm or 1.5 cups

2) Suva bhaji/Dill leaves – 3 tablespoons

3) Coriander – 2 tablespoons

4) Mint – 1 tablespoon

5) Green chilli – 2

6) Spring onion bulb – 2

7) Fried garlic 1.5 tablespoon

8) Salt pepper – 1.5 tablespoon

Make The Dip:

1) First, you need to take the hung curd and add all the ingredients into it including Dill leaves, coriander, mint, chopped green chilli, chopped onion bulb, fried garlic and salt pepper.

2) Whisk the mixture and make sure that it doesn’t have any lumps.

3) Your creamy dip is ready

Here’s the video posted by Saransh Goila:

Well, it’s interesting how Saransh Goila comes up with delicious recipes during the festivity. Earlier, he had shared an easy-to-make and oh-so-delicious jalebi recipe during the festive season and advised viewers to celebrate it with this sweet delight.

First, he had prepared a delectable, sweet syrup using , water, juice, crushed saffron and cardamom. He then made a batter for jalebi using maida, cornflour, haldi (), sour curd and water. Next step, whip the mixture well and made it airy. He did add some drops of lemon juice to make it sour and finally put some baking soda in the end.

Are you planning to host a party this Diwali?

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