Diwali 2021: Make Double Ka Meetha In 30 Minutes And Impress Your Guests

Diwali is just around the corner. With everything decked up with lights, decorations and diyas, this festival is celebrated with much fervour and zeal! As we all prepare for one of the largest festivals in the country, we certainly cannot mark the day without . After all, all those delectable laddoos, mouth-watering , and yummy Kaju katli make us drool every time! However, making these mithais at home sometimes can be an elaborate task. And no one likes to stay stuck in the kitchen during festival! So, to save you up on some time and effort today, we bring you an easy and quick recipe of double ka meetha! As unique as this recipe sounds, we can assure you that your friends and family will love to have it. All you need is basic home ingredients and 30 minutes to make this delicious delight.

In this recipe of double ka meetha, you would require everyday things like bread, , condensed milk, milk and other ingredients that will add an extra flavour to this dish. Then you would have to cook it together to form double ka meetha! Sounds simple, right? Plus, with the delectable and mouthful taste of this dish, we are sure that you will keep coming back to this yummy recipe!

So, without waiting any further, let us see how to make double ka meetha.

Here Is The Recipe Of Double Ka Meetha | Double Ka Meetha Recipe | Easy

First, heat up the pan and drizzle it with oil and fry the bread slices to make this delight. Prepare saffron milk. Heat up a pan and pour milk and saffron. Let it reduce down and add rose when the milk is almost reduced. Pre-heat the oven to 120 degrees. Layer the fried bread with sugar syrup, condensed milk, saffron milk and bake it in the oven for 10-15 minutes. Once it is done, cool it and serve to enjoy with your family!

Find the full recipe of double ka meetha in the header above.

Make this yummy dessert this Diwali, and let us know you liked the taste of it!


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