Diwali 2021: Kick-Start Your Diwali Feast With Tangy And Tantalizing Raj Kachori

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Festive fares are all about food, aren’t they? Come or , we have a planned menu of the festive must-haves ready on our hands. While different regions of the country have different delicacies associated with festivals, there are some staples that manage to make every single foodie smile, no matter where you are from. Sure, there are many main dishes like curries and biryanis for display on a festive spread, but there is just something about the crunchy, hot and spicy finger foods that entice us much more. If you are on the hosting end and want to kick start your Diwali lunch or dinner on a tantalizing note this time; we’ve got just the for you! It’s none other than the loaded , Raj kachori.

Raj Kachori is the classic street food treat that makes us drool, a flaky and crispy raj kachori basket filled with papri, bhallas, yogurt, chickpeas and much more – this can be the perfect start to your rich and robust Diwali spread. Raj refers to royal in Hindi and the preparation of this street favourite sure does justice to its name. The puffed kachori is hollowed in the centre and filled with a generous amount of yoghurt, it is further loaded with a mix of chutneys, potatoes, pomegranate seeds, masalas, bhalla, sev and so much more. We are sure you must have savoured Raj kachori in one of your favourite restaurants, but this time, you can easily whip it up for your guest from the comfort of your own kitchen? Here is the recipe.

How To Make Raj kachori l Raj Kachori Recipe:

Knead the dough with maida and sooji, let it rest for some time. Fry puffed simple kachori. Hollow it in the centre and layer with Bhalla, , boiled potatoes, boiled black channa and pomegranate, sprinkle a generous amount of chaat masala and red chilli powder. Top it off with sev and papdi and repeat the sprinkling with chaat masala and red chilli powder. For the detailed video, check the header section.


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