Diljit Dosanjh’s Chocolate Banana Cake Recipe Has Caught Our Attention

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Punjabi singer, actor, and even a film producer, Diljit Dosanjh is a man of multiple talents! While his amazing voice and music always make us groove, his recent films have also entertained many people. But this is not where his talent ends. If you follow the Punjabi singer on social media, you will come to realise that Diljit, in fact, is a self-confessed foodie! He not only shares glimpses of his delicious meals, sometimes, he even shares the making of them. And let us tell you, each one of his videos brings us something new and leaves us craving! Don’t believe us? Well, Diljit Dosanjh recently shared a of him and his friends making a delicious banana chocolate cake. His recipe looks easy to make and all things decadent!

Taking to Instagram, Diljit shared this where he is adorably making this cake. The video begins with him first whisking some milk and then adding it to flour. Once that is mixed, he strains cocoa powder in it. Beside him, you can also see one of his friends’ some dry fruits, which are combined with the cake batter. Next, they take a bunch of and split them from the middle.

Then, he takes a well-greased and heated pan and puts the banana slices on it. Next, he pours the cake batter. Diljit then covers the pan and lets the cake cook for a while. Once it is done, he flips it out on a plate and sees that the cake is slightly burned. Lastly, in the video, he can be seen cutting the cake and giving the slices to his friends! Take a look at the video here:

Doesn’t it look absolutely delicious? Earlier than this, the singer had even posted a video of him making a yummy paneer sabzi! In the video, he was again surrounded by his buddies, who could be seen dancing around while the dish was being prepared. He finished the video by garnishing the meal with and showing the satisfying results of his cooking experiment in the famous ‘salt-bae’ action! You can read all about it here.

As Diljit Dosanjh keeps sharing these delicious recipe videos, we can’t wait to see what he will cook next! Do you have any guesses on what would be next on his list? Let us know in the comments below!

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