Dhabe Ka Keema Recipe: How To Make Dhaba-Style Spicy Keema

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There is no doubt that we love travelling and must have taken a road trip a number of times. Either it is an impromptu weekend trip with friends or a planned family outing, we look forward to these fun and exciting road trips almost every year. Food is an important part of these road trips. From the uncountable snacks we munch throughout the trip to the mandatory food stops we make on the way, travelling is just not complete without some delicious food, is it? If you are on the road, there is no better place to sate your cravings other than the number of small dhabas that lien up the highways. These small eateries specialise in making spicy, tantalising and delicious dishes that make travelling all the more fun for us foodies. The dhaba-style dishes enjoy a raving fan base and many of us even try making them at home because that’s exactly how delicious they are. One of the star dishes of a typical Dhaba menu is a rich and spicy keema dish, and that’s exactly the recipe that we’ve got for you today.

It is common to enjoy meat dishes while travelling because they are delicious, to say the least, and also they keep us full for longer. But, even when you are not travelling, just the mere thought of those tantalizing dishes are sure to get you drooling. And hence, we got you an easy recipe to make the iconic dish right from the comfort of your own kitchen, get the authentic taste of the Indian highways in your food, with this quick and simple recipe here.

Make Dhaba Style Keema l Dhaba Style Keema Recipe:

Sauté whole , ginger- and butter together for a couple of minutes. To this add your everyday masala like red chilli powder, jeera powder etc. Add some finely chopped capsicum; this will add a unique edge to your keema recipe. Once everything is cooked, add the minced mutton and let it cook for some time. Add tomato puree for the gravy and other remaining ingredients. Garnish with a handful of fresh coriander leaves and enjoy with roti or rice for a quick delicious /lunch fix.

Click here for the recipe of Dhaba style Keema.

Try making this flavourful at home and let us know how it turns out in the comments below.

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