Dal Farra Recipe: North Indian Steamed Dumpling For A Healthy Snack

Dal Farra Recipe: North Indian Steamed Dumpling For A Healthy Snack

Let’s admit it, no matter how far and wide we travel, nothing can ever match the comfort a plate of hot dal and plain rice can give. Delicious and easy to make, the humble dal finds its way to our plates almost every single day, and thankfully, in more than one way! From dal pakora to dal , to types of regional dal recipes to even leftover dal , these lentils can be placed on a breakfast, lunch or dinner platter effortlessly. Besides it is also said that lentils are considered to be one of the primary sources of protein in the . Moong Dal, for instance, comprises an impressive 24 grams of protein per 100 grams as per the USDA. So, if you are looking to stock up on that natural protein, increase your dal intake through the many must-try recipes available out there.

If you love having dal in different forms, here is another delicious way you can include it in your daily diet. A scrumptious north Indian dal dumpling that you must try, it’s called – Dal Farra. Predominantly famous in Uttar Pradesh, this dal farra can be enjoyed for lunch or a any day, or made on special occasions. These steamed dumplings have a punch of flavour to them, thanks to the delicious mix of dal that’s used for the stuffing. Usually made with chana, urad and matar dal, the farra does great on both health and flavour quotient. If you are interested to try this north Indian delicacy out, here is the recipe for you.

How To Make Dal Farra l

In a bowl, wash and soak chana, urad and matar dal for a couple of hours. Make fine paste once done. Add spices and other ingredients to the paste. Now for the outer layer; knead dough with rice flour. Make small puri and place the masala in the middle, fold the puri and steam for some time. Once done, slightly saute with other ingredients and chop roughly before serving for lunch or dinner, or pair it with a simple tomato garlic chutney for a healthy evening snack.

Click here for the recipe of Dal Farra.

Have you had something like this before? If not, definitely give this Dal Farra a try. Let us know how it turns out in the comments below.


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