Cute Or Creepy? Boiled Egg Came Out Looking Like An Astronaut, Reddit Is Amused

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An is one versatile dish that can be cooked in multiple ways. A is one such egg dish that is widely popular among all age groups. Whether you have it as is, sprinkle on top or whip a with it – there are so many ways to eat a boiled egg. But what would your reaction be if the egg you boiled came out different from what you expected? In a recently surfaced video of fail on Reddit, a boiled egg became the source of amusement due to the bizarre shape that it formed. Take a look:

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The video was shared by user u/Pazluz in the sub-Reddit r/oddlysatisfying. “This boiled egg that came out looking like an astronaut waving their arm,” the user wrote. It has received over 83k upvotes and thousands of comments in a short span of just one day.

In the nine-second clip, the source of amusement becomes quite clear. The user is holding a boiled egg in her hand, and it is the shape of the egg which is hilarious. The boiled brown egg has developed a crack on the side and some of the contents have been boiled outside. A tiny portion of the yolk has also spilled out, making it look like an astronaut waving his arm. “Can I smell it,” asks a child in the background of the video.

The boiled egg received some interesting reactions from users. While some found it adorable and mildly interesting, others thought it was questionable or suspicious, using the ‘Among Us’ slang ‘Sus’ to describe it.

Take a look at the reactions:

Whether cute or creepy, the boiled egg indeed did pique the curiosity of internet users. What did you think of the boiled egg which was shaped like an astronaut? Tell us in the comments.

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