Create The Flavours Of Indian Street Food From Different Regions In Your Kitchen With These 7 Recipes

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Regional food never loses its charm! With each region of India representing its own tradition, the food experiences vary vividly as one traverses the length and breadth of the country. And each state also boasts of a range of drool-worthy street food delicacies that are diverse and carry the regional touch of that particular place. However, if this is already making you crave street food, worry not! We have curated a list of 7 regional street foods that you can easily make at home when you can’t travel to the different regions.

1) Pani

No discussion on Indian street food can be complete without the mention of pani puri. There’s hardly anyone who wouldn’t want to indulge in this delicacy. While it’s popularly known as ‘’ in the north, in West Bengal it’s called ‘puchka’, and in Odisha, it’s known as ‘gupchup’. Pani puri item filled will mashed potatoes, chickpea along with the sweet and sour water and it’s sure to tantalise your tastebuds.

2) Jhalmuri

This is a famous street food from West Bengal. You can find it in numerous roadside food stalls in Kolkata and other parts of the state. However, going to Kolkata to savour this delicacy may not be possible always. So, what’s the next best thing? Make it at home! All that you’d need is some puffed rice, onions, peanuts, tomatoes, green chillies and spices such as masala. Once you mix these ingredients, top it with some mustard oil, and your tasty and delicious jhalmuri is ready!

This is one of the most popular street food items in Mumbai. People have it for breakfast and sometimes even lunch. Vada pav is basically a vada sandwiched between a pav along with some delectable chutney. This simple street food can be easily made at home!


This is a delicacy from Gujarat! Dhokla, cooked with besan and steamed to perfection, could be your go-to snack any day. It takes hardly 30 minutes to make it. Have it with green chutney.

5) Medhu Vada

This south Indian delicacy — deep-fried doughnut-shaped lentil fritters — are crispy and fluffy, and can be easily made at home. Team these fritters with sambhar cooked in a pool of spices. Relish it with a south Indian style coconut chutney.

6) Bhature

Although a Punjabi delicacy, Chole Bhature has gained popularity in many parts of India. It’s a quintessential breakfast in many households. You would find numerous places in Delhi that serve yummy chole bhaturas. Make the chole with boiled chickpeas and throw in some drool-worthy Indian spices. Enjoy it with the fluffy bhature.

7) Dabeli

Though Dabeli finds its origin in Gujarat, it’s a much-loved street food in other parts of the country as well. To make it, all you’d need is to prepare some potato filling with a number of spices and fill it in buns with chopped onions and peanuts right before savouring.

So, what are you waiting for? Get set to create the regional flavours of India in your very own kitchen with these dishes!

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