Cotton Candy Maggi Is The Latest Bizarre Invention On The Internet; People Are Not Impressed

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Who doesn’t love Maggi?! This instant noodle has taken over the hearts of millions of Indians all across the stories. So much so, that culinary enthusiasts decided to take their love for this noodle a step further by experimenting with Maggi. The experimentations have led to the invention of some of the craziest Maggi fusion dishes ever. From Maggi mirchi, Maggi milkshake, Maggi paratha, Maggi , Maggi and even ! But it doesn’t stop there. A Delhi-based food blogger had the idea to add cotton to Maggi and the internet is not impressed. Don’t believe us? Take a look:

To make this cotton candy Maggi, the food blogger first melts butter in a pan. Once the butter is melted, she adds a variety of vegetables, all finely chopped. After sauteing the veggies, she adds raw Maggi to the pan and pours in the required quantity of water. Next, she seasons the Maggi with the seasoning powder that comes with the packet and some salt. Once the Maggi is almost cooked, she adds the piece de resistance, the cotton candy! The was uploaded by @eatthisdelhi and it has 344k views and 13k likes.

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The cotton candy immediately melts away in the Maggi leaving no visual trace; however, it did make a difference in the taste. The food blogger reviewed her fusion invention and noted that the Maggi has a slightly sweet taste. Adding a sweet dish like cotton candy to a savoury classic like Maggi has confused the internet! People are not so sure whether this fusion food invention is a good idea. Here is what people commented about this cotton candy Maggi:

“Arey cotton Candy kyu dali” (Why did you add cotton candy?)

“Cotton candy Maggie me utna hi dikh raha hai jitna Dhoom 3 Shah Rukh Khan dikhata” (The cotton candy was as visible in the Maggi, as Shah Rukh Khan was visible in Dhoom 3)

“Never heard of this before.”

“Duniya accept nai karegi ye Maggi k sath Zadtti hai” (World will not accept this disrespect of Maggi)

What did you think about this cotton candy Maggi? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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