Chocolate Lava Cake To Pudding: These 7 Sinfully Delicious Desserts For Christmas Are Easy To Make

Christmas is almost here. We are already loving the nip in the air. At the same time, we are craving some good treats to warm us up during these cold days. What’s better than some delicious desserts in this season? Whether you have a sweet tooth or are simply looking forward to trying new desserts for Christmas, here are some recipes to help you. Make it a special treat for everyone with some lip-smacking cakes or try on some delicious toffees. From rustling up mouth-watering mousse to indulging in humble doughnuts, there are so many dishes to look forward to.

Here are seven easy for Christmas:

1) Chocolate Lava

Chocolate is a delectable indulgence for almost any season. Don’t miss it out on Christmas. Whip up an irresistible chocolate lava cake and dive into it. All you need is dark chocolate, butter, icing sugar, eggs, and flour.

2) Sugar-Free Fig Mousse

Want to indulge in decadent desserts without diving into a pool of sugar? Here’s the way out. Try rustling up fig mousse and serve it as a dessert after a meal. Don’t worry about the sugar as the mousse tastes delicious even without it. Skimmed milk powder, figs, china grass, cinnamon, and chopped walnuts complete this dish.

3) Cinnamon Apple Crumble

Add two peeled apples into a crumble of flour and butter. Once you taste this dish, you can’t help but crave more.

4) Apple Toffee

Instead of a heavyweight dessert, try something that’s light and still manages to satiate the sugar cravings. Apple toffee is a good option for this. You’ll need eggs, flour, sugar, apples, and sesame seeds.

5) Rum Balls

Christmas is incomplete without rum balls. Make this classic dessert with an easy recipe using semi-sweet chocolate, vanilla wafer biscuits, chopped walnuts and other condiments.

6) Chocolate Doughnut

The humble chocolate doughnut makes for a delicious Christmas treat. The rich chocolaty taste and the moist texture of the doughnut blend well in the mouth and you wouldn’t regret having git for Christmas.

7) Persian Pudding

If you want to a little further, try this. This scrumptious dessert uses a whole lot of dates, dry fruits, and .

Prepared fresh and packed with the right ingredients, any of these sweet treats could be the star of your Christmas dinner table.

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