Chia Seeds In Water: Does This New Weight Loss Hack Actually Work

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is a goal we all strive towards. However, it cannot be achieved overnight as it is a monumental task that takes time and patience. There are several weight loss hacks that we often encounter on our daily scroll. Recently, for instance, we saw videos that claimed that adding lemon juice to our coffee could speed up weight loss. And now, another new weight-loss trend has surfaced online which involves consuming soaked in water. Multiple videos are being created about this weight loss hack which bloggers claim can accelerate weight loss. Take a look:

In the videos of chia seed water, two tablespoons of chia seeds are soaked in a glass of water. In a couple of minutes, the seeds swell up and become jelly-like in texture. Videos suggest consuming this in the morning to suppress the appetite and feel full, thus helping in weight loss.

Chia seeds are definitely healthy for our body, as they possess a number of . These tiny black seeds are considered superfoods for weight loss, as they contain good quantities of fibre, protein, and healthy fats. Drinking chia seed water is said to help in digestion and increase the feeling of fullness, thus aiding the weight loss journey.

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However, just consuming chia seeds in water is no guarantee of weight loss. Experts suggest following a calorie-deficit diet plan along with this weight loss hack for best results. Exercise and eating healthy food must accompany the chia seed water weight loss hack.

“People put on weight or mass over a long period of time and often want to shed it off in a span of a few months through trends that are neither helpful nor advisable by any dieticians,” says Shalini Arvind, Chief Dietitian at Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. “Crash diets and trends only result in malnourishment and unhealthy fat loss, with people gaining double of what they’ve lost once off it,” she adds.

“I wonder what people do and the next latest fad! Weight loss is a culmination of long-term clean eating, exercising, sleeping well. Balancing hormones with sufficient vitamin D,” says nutritionist and Macrobiotic Health Coach Shilpa Arora.

Thus, chia seeds water may be beneficial for weight loss, however, avoid consuming it in excess. Always consult a qualified health practitioner or dietitian before making any drastic changes to the diet. Eat a and exercise to keep off the excess kilos!

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