Chef’s Special Recipe: How To Prepare Rajasthani Dal Baati Churma At Home

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Churma is a popular dish in the royal land of Rajasthan, and parts of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. An esteemed part of every Rajasthani kitchen, this traditional dish is associated with the festivals of Makar Sankranti and Diwali as well as family occasions like marriage ceremonies and housewarming parties. Making this dish royally special is the use of an abundance of desighee in it. But celebrity chef has decided to give it a Jodha Akbar twist. Sharing the Goila special , he said it is his ode to the 2008 movie.

The film has a scene where Jodha, played by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, cooks Dal Baati Churma for Akbar, portrayed by Hrithik Roshan. As the name suggests, there are three components to this dish, each competent enough to stand on its own. Together, however, they create magic.

Goila said what you need to do first is soak 5 kinds of pulses – yellow ; urad dal; masoor dal; toor dal; chana dal – in water for 30 minutes. Pressure cook all the pulses with the rest of the ingredients for 4 whistles.

Then is the time to make the dal base with ghee; jeera; saunf; garlic; green chillies, chopped; onions and tomatoes, finely chopped; red chilli powder; coriander powder; turmeric powder; salt to taste; fresh coriander, finely chopped. Let it simmer for 10 minutes on low flame. Once the base is ready, pour the dal in it and add tadka for tempering.

Check Saransh Goila’s below for the method to prepare Baati (whole-meal flour balls) and Churma.

The video ends with a cut scene from the film Jodha Akbar in which Akbar, having tasted the Rajasthani dish, says, “this food is exquisite”. The dish tastes amazing when ghee is poured on Baati and dipped in Dal. The celebrity chef said some people make this dish with green moong and black urad. You can try that too.

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