Chef Saransh Goila’s Egg Frittata Recipe Is The Breakfast Dish You Need To Try (Recipe Inside)

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Many of us love having in different forms for breakfast. After all, they are lip-smacking and healthy. Eggs are rich in protein and possess other health benefits too. You may have tried scrambled eggs or poached eggs. But, if you want something more than that, try this straight from celebrity chef Saransh Goila’s kitchen. Yes, he gave a desi touch to ‘Frittata,’ a food item made up of eggs, in his new . In the caption, he wrote, “This is my desi frittata recipe adapted from a classical Spanish that I learnt from a Spanish Ambassador a few years back.”

In the video, Saransh showed his followers how to make some delectable “desi frittata”. In the caption, he wrote, “It’s one of the tastiest egg I’ve tried and gosh it reminds me of college and those random late nights.” Potatoes and onions are fried classically in most Spanish omelette recipes. Even though Frittatas are Italian, both of these are close cousins, Saransh told in a descriptive caption.

On a funny note, he banged the eggs on his forehead lightly to break it for the recipe further. He then told the viewers to not try this at home laughingly in the caption.

Ingredients required to make Saransh’s Desi Frittatas:

1) Potatoes (sliced – 3)

2) Onions (sliced – 3)

3) Garlic (chopped – 2 tablespoons)

4) Coriander (3 tablespoons)

5) Green chilis (4)

6) Salt (2 tablespoons)

7) Eggs (6)


The first thing to do is fry the slices of potatoes and onions. Then, Saransh broke 6 eggs for yolks. When potato, onion slices turned brown while getting fried, he mixed them with eggs. He then added coriander for the desi touch along with chopped garlic, green chilis and salt. He took the mixture and let it rest for 15 minutes. He then cooked it (from both sides) in a pan with a lid. He took 6 to 7 minutes to cook from each side. And desi frittata was ready.

Prior to this, he taught us yet another egg recipe. In one of his Instagram videos, he made a desi dish named ‘Karandi omelette.’ He made it in a tadka pan finally giving it a shape of a cup. This item is popular in Tamil Nadu and includes onions and spices like coriander and pepper. The omelette he cooked for this dish was fluffy. In the caption, he stated that one can also add mutton and chicken pieces to the omelette if one wants. Click here to read more about it.

Not just restricting to eggs, chef Saransh keeps updating his viewers with other protein-rich recipes also. Once, he made oat milk in one of his Instagram videos.

He called it “Coat Milk” in the caption and wrote that the oat milk he prepared had no sliminess and was superbly creamy, containing lots of protein and good . He stated that the trick is to not soak the oats and blend them for too long because that would give you a slimy end product, in the caption. Read more about it here.

Have you started craving eggs already? Then, make a desi frittata for yourself.

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