Chef Kunal Kapur’s Recipe Of Peri Peri Paneer Will Leave You Drooling

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Paneer is one of the most delectable dishes among vegetarians. And we adore the fact that it can be made in so many different ways. The number of paneer dishes that can be made in Indian style is virtually endless. For meals, you can serve it with rice or your favourite flatbread in the form of various curries. However, if you want to keep things light and opt for a , paneer might still be useful. On Instagram, chef shared a delicious snack recipe called ‘peri-peri paneer’. He also added a lengthy caption that described the recipe in detail.

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Chef Kunal wrote, “Peri peri also called piri piri or pili pili is a Portuguese sauce, a marinade, a dressing and a spice mix which means spicy spicy. World over peri peri is made with different chillies and we too have a version of peri peri masala from Goa.”

He stated that according to history, Portuguese traders took chillies and a variety of other spices to numerous places. According to Kunal, the peri peri sauce is thought to have originated in Mozambique, Africa, which was colonised by the Portuguese. They also brought chilles with them on to India. However, each country where peri peri is cooked or consumed is unique, as the people have added a variety of other ingredients to the mix. He explained, for example, that Goan peri peri differs from African peri peri.

Here are the ingredients for chef Kunal Kapur’s peri-peri paneer:

1) Paneer slab

2) Salt

3) chunks

4) Tomato chunks

5) Bell pepper chunks

6) Green capsicum chunks

7) Chopped onion

8) Skewers

9) Oil for shallow frying

10) Special peri-peri sauce

Here’s how you can make peri-peri paneer:

1) First of all, take a paneer slab and cut it into cubes. Mix the paneer cubes and chopped onion, tomatoes, green capsicum and bell pepper together on a platter. Sprinkle a pinch of salt and toss the mix lightly.

2) Now, take the special peri-peri spicy sauce you’ve prepared. Put a generous amount of sauce on the paneer cubes and vegetables and coat them with it.

3) Start arranging the spicy sauce-coated paneer cubes and chopped chunks alternatively onto a wooden skewer. Take a tawa and add some oil to shallow fry the food.

4) Drizzle some oil and place your skewers one by one until they turn brown. You can turn them in different directions so that they get cooked nicely.

5) Remove and serve hot. You can use the remaining peri-peri sauce as a dip.

Take a look:

So, what are you waiting for? Just head to the kitchen and rustle up some lip-smacking peri-peri paneer.

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