Chaat Papdi, Dahi Bhalla And More: 5 Classic Chaat Recipes That You Must Try

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The love of chaat is unanimous among Indians so much so that each part of India is brimming with its own unique and delicious . Chaats are an important part of Indian street food. The chatpata and tangy flavours of chaat brings a smile to every ’s face, doesn’t it? The secret to its tantalising flavours is the use of lip-smacking chutneys and curd. Curd in chaat is used to balance out the vibrant and strong flavours and bring them together to make this scrumptious street food. Without curd, some of our favourite chaats would taste weird. The love of this delicious ingredient has made us find the recipes of some of the most popular chaats that have yoghurt as its key ingredient.

Here Are 5 You Must Try:

1. Dahi Puri

Who doesn’t love gol gappas? Puris filled with khatta meetha pani tastes delightful! There is a variation of paani puri that is filled with dahi called dahi puri. Slathered with sweet dahi and rustic masalas, dahi puris are an extremely popular snack.

Click here for the full recipe of Dahi Puri.

2. Paapdi Ki Chaat

Another popular street snack, paapdi ki chaat offers vibrant flavours that just sing to a foodies heart. Crispy paapdis are bathed in sweet and creamy curd and drizzled with chutneys and masalas. This street food is very easy to make at home.

Click here for the full recipe of Paapdi Ki Chaat.

3. Dahi Bhalla

One of the most popular dahi chaat in the country, dahi bhalla is always there on the menu to celebrate any and every festive occasion. Bhallas, made of moong and urad dal, are bathed in sweet and spicy curd and seasoned with chutney.

Click here for the full recipe of Dahi Bhalla.

4. Dahi Chaat

What if two of India’s favourite snacks – samosa and chaat – come together to make one dish? This is exactly what dahi samosa chaat is! Masaledaar samosa is drizzled with sweet curd, chutney, masalas and sev to give the sweet and spicy dahi samosa chaat.

Click here for the full recipe of Dahi Samosa Chaat.

5.Bread Dahi Chaat

If you’re craving chaat and the pantry is not stocked then this quick recipe is for you. This quick and easy chaat is a mix of crispy bread, curd, green chutney, imili chutney and more! Bread dahi chaat makes for a delicious indulgence.

Click here for the full recipe of Bread Dahi Chaat.

Try out these dahi-based chaat recipes and do tell us in the comments section which one is your favourite!

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