Butter Chicken Golgappa: Have You Tried This Unique Combo Yet (Recipe Inside)

Think North Indian cuisine, the first dish that comes to our mind is butter chicken. Juicy chicken chunks, dunked in rich and creamy tomato gravy – sounds heavenly, right? We all love butter chicken and there’s no denying to it. It is, in fact, one of the most popular Indian dishes across the globe. So much so that today we see people doing various culinary experiments with butter chicken. From butter chicken pizza to butter chicken burger and sandwich – we find butter chicken added to almost every popular dish we can think of. We recently came across another such dish where the popular Punjabi is added to the most popular of India – gol gappa. Also called panipuri, phuchka, gupchup and more, this delicacy and its fans are available at every nook and corner of the country.

Now, imagine adding butter chicken (instead of aloo) as the stuffing for golgappa! Sounds interesting, isn’t it? This is why we thought of giving this dish a try. And guess what? The experience was quite interesting, and of course, unique. The crunch of the sooji/atta balls infuses with the soft and juicy texture of the chicken, leaving a strong impression on your mind. Want to give this dish a try? Here’s how you can make it at home.

How To Make Butter Chicken Golgappa | Butter Chicken Golgappa Recipe:

Let’s start with how to make butter chicken at home. We bring you an easy recipe that will help you prepare the dish at home. The best part is, for this dish, you can use the leftover butter chicken from your last meal. Click here for the butter chicken recipe.

Now, shred the chicken and mix well with the gravy. Stuff it inside the golgappa balls, add some chutney, and take a shot. Click here to know how to make golgappa at home.

You might grate some cheese from the top to make it yet more luscious.

Recently, this unique food grabbed eyeballs on the internet, and people shared mixed feelings about the dish on Twitter. See their responses here:

“I will eat anything that has butter chicken in it. I had butter chicken omelette few months back,” wrote a user. Another person tweeted, “It will be nice.”

While some people appreciated the dish, there were a few who rejected the idea of adding butter chicken to golgappa. “It’s an insult to both, ‘’ and ‘Butter Chicken’,” a tweet read.

Another person wrote, “I’ll try it First though… Unlearning ways of consuming food might be fun.”

We suggest, try this dish first and decide for yourself. And do not forget to let us know how you liked in the comments below.

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