Burger King UK Accuses McDonald’s Of Copying This Food Item From Its Menu

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When it comes to burgers, there’s clearly the King army and then we have the McDonald’s army. Two of the biggest global fast- chains have been dividing people and their burger choices since years now. That’s not all. Many of us also have our preferences regarding the sides available on their menu. And if you look into the menus closely, you will find a few similar items available on both the lists. However, Burger King UK has recently called out McDonald’s for allegedly copying one of its food items – and it’s their popular chilli bites. For the unversed, McDonald’s UK has come up with new additions to their menu for a limited period. The new additions include home-style crispy , and more.

Burger King UK took to its official page to share a post featuring the comparison as a meme that reads, “can I copy your homework?”, “yeah, just change it up a bit so it doesn’t look like you copied”. They also shared a comparison picture of the chilli cheese bites available on both the menu. They captioned the post, “not like it’s been on our menu for 15 years…”

Find the post here:

As per Burger King UK’s website, the chilli cheese bites are available on the menu in orders of six, nine and 20 pieces. The description reads, “Crispy coated with smooth and spicy cheese inside. A unique taste of chilli with every bite.”

Whereas, as per the UK McDonald’s new menu (on the website), here the chilli cheese bites are available in orders of four and 12 pieces. “A portion of four chilli cheese bites in a crispy batter, served with a rich tomato dip”, reads the description.

Meanwhile, we are awaiting McDonald’s response on the same.

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