Bun Parotta: This Famous Parotta Recipe From Madurai Is A Must Try

No Indian meal is complete without its bread. We love having different kinds of bread with a variety of curries, gravies or even tikkas. In fact, each region in India boasts about their bread. And one such cuisine’s bread that has taken over people’s hearts by storm is the yummy parotta! The flaky, soft and layered parotta is all things tasty but making the same at home is a challenge. Perfecting the ideal parotta takes a lot of practice, so it’s no wonder that the cooks who prepare parottas are known as parotta “masters” in Tamil Nadu. But if you want a simple recipe to make a parotta quickly, here we bring you a recipe for !

This bun parotta is a famous from Madurai and is usually paired with any delicious . The bun parotta has the shape of a bun and is also fluffier than the usual Malabar parotta. Although the ingredients are almost the same in both kinds of parotta, the bun parotta is said to be made without eggs, making it a good option for vegetarians.

Make Bun Parotta | Bun

To make this dish, first, take a bowl and add maida, baking soda, sugar and salt and mix-form dough with and oil. Make sure to have a sticky consistency. Once done, cover the dough with oil let it rest for two hours. Now, take small parts of the dough and roll it out. Then hold the edges and fold the dough in a rectangular shape. Once you see the layers, give it a circular shape again. Now, bake this on a pan till light brown.

For the full recipe of bun parotta, click here.

Make this delicious parotta and pair it with a curry for maximum indulgence. Let us know how you liked the taste of it in the comments below.

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