Breakfast Special: 4 Classic Egg Breakfast Recipes That You Can Make In The Microwave

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When we think about breakfast, the first food that pops into our mind is eggs! Eggs are one of the most versatile foods that allow us to whip up an elaborate breakfast or quick snack without having to put a lot of thought into it. In whatever form or shape we may choose to eat an egg, this superfood never fails to satiate our taste buds. Not just that, eggs are loaded with several essential nutrients that our body needs to keep us going throughout the day. We all know the conventional ways of preparing an but what if we told you there is a way to cook eggs in the microwave. Don’t believe us? Here are four classic egg that can be easily prepared in the microwave. These microwave recipes will make your daily breakfast preparation a matter of minutes!

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Here Are 4 Ways You Can Prepare Eggs In The Microwave:

1. Scrambled Eggs In A Microwave

Creamy scrambled eggs make for a delicious breakfast. You don’t need to do a lot of preparation. Just whisk some eggs and sprinkle some and pepper and you have an easy breakfast. Rather than cooking in the microwave, just pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds and a few times and your breakfast will be ready in minutes!

Click here for Scrambled Eggs In A Microwave.

2. Boiled Eggs In A Microwave

Don’t have a lot of time for making breakfast? The boiled eggs are the way to go! Boil water on the stove and wait for the eggs to cook. But what if we can make this process faster than this? Yes, we can! Boiling eggs on the stove can take about 10 minutes but the same can be done in the microwave in 5 minutes!

Click here for Boiled Eggs In A Microwave.

3. In A Microwave

Some might say, poaching eggs is an art that requires a lot of practice. The water has to be at the right temperature so that the egg yolk doesn’t undercook or overcook and the egg whites don’t burn. We can make this process much easier by doing it in the microwave! You will get perfectly poached eggs in minutes.

Click here for Poached Eggs In A Microwave.

4. In A Microwave

Imagine having a stuffed and paired with freshly toasted bread and orange juice for breakfast. We find lavish breakfasts like these mostly in restaurants because we don’t have the skills or the time to prepare it at home. That is why this quick and delicious microwave omelette recipe is the perfect dish to satiate your craving for a lavish.

Click here for Omelette In A Microwave.

Try out these microwave recipes and tell us which one is your favourite in the comments section!

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