Bread Egg Upma: This Nutritious, Protein-Packed Recipe Is What You Need To Kick-Start Your Day

When our minds are racing with the thought of finding something quick, easy and light to make for breakfast, is always the ultimate saviour. This classic dish from South India, is eaten as a popular breakfast item all over the country, has long been the way to kick start a day. And it’s not just this; while the same taste of upma can be boring to some, many of us have even experimented and created varieties in it. So for you to indulge in yet another type, here we bring you a delicious recipe of bread egg upma! This recipe is filled with the goodness of bread, and the classic flavour of upma that spells indulgence. The best part about this recipe is that it is loaded with eggs making it full of .

Health Benefits Of Eggs

  1. Eggs are considered to be a good source of nutrients such as vitamin B2, low fat and cholesterol content, and high protein content. They include cholesterol and fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and E. These nutrients help keep the body in good shape.
  2. Eggs can also raise good cholesterol that can help in lowering down the risk of heart diseases and stroke.
  3. Egg consumption keeps skin and hair healthy due to the high level of sulphur and amino acids, as well as a wide range of vitamins and minerals that aid in healthy growth.
  4. Lutein and zeaxanthin are two strong antioxidants found in eggs. Consuming enough amounts of these nutrients can minimise the risk of the two most frequent eye problems, cataracts and macular degeneration.
  5. The presence of vitamin D in eggs aids in the maintenance of strong bones. Vitamin D is necessary for calcium absorption as well as bone health.

So, with this goodness of eggs, this recipe of bread egg upma is a must try. This recipe can easily be made in 20 minutes and gives you a good amount of energy, and keeps you full for a more extended period of time. Pair this recipe with a hot cup of chai for ultimate indulgence and enjoy!

Here Is The Recipe Of Bread Egg Upma |

To make this dish, first take urad dal, green chilli, and leaves in a pan and mix. To this, add one egg and cook it well. Now throw in shredded pieces of bread and combine them. From the top, add masalas and mix again. Once done, serve it tea and enjoy!

For the full recipe of bread egg upma, click here.

Make this yummy breakfast dish, and let us know how you liked the taste of it!

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