Black Pepper Water: The Two-Ingredient Drink That Can Help Boost Immunity

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In the past year, we all have started to prioritise our health above anything else. In this process, most of us have made lifestyle and dietary changes, but the one thing we all need for healthy functioning is a good immune system. While there are superfoods and concoctions that we try to boost immunity, not everything can be available to everyone. So, if you also find yourself in the same situation at times, then fret not as here we bring you the easiest from black pepper! This black pepper water is an immunity booster requires no fancy ingredients or a long preparation period. All you need is two ingredients and five minutes to gain its benefits!

Health Benefits Of Black Pepper Water

Black pepper is an everyday ingredient that is widely available at any store or supermarket. While we use this ingredient to add extra flavour to our , it also has tons of benefits to your health.

1. Promotes Gut Health

Gut bacteria has been found to impact mood, chronic diseases, immune function and more. has shown that black pepper can help increase the good bacteria in the gut, hence improving your health. This can also help to detoxify the body naturally.

2. Rich In

According to a study, black pepper is rich in piperine, a compound that has antioxidant properties. This compound can help to stop the damage from free radicals.

3. Aids In Loss

Weight loss is one of the key health benefits of this drink. While many people drink water in the morning as part of their routine, adding a pinch of black pepper powder would only enhance the benefits. These two together can boost metabolism, resulting in improved digestion and increased calorie burn.

4. Helps With Indigestion

If you suffer from indigestion, black pepper water may give you relief. It is known to interact with digestive enzymes and fluids that aids digestion. It has a beneficial effect on pancreatic enzymes, which enhance the whole digestive process.

5. Prevents

The combination of hot water and black pepper is very beneficial to intestinal health. It cures dryness by replenishing the skin cells, just like the other benefits. This keeps you energised throughout the day. It also keeps the skin hydrated.

How To Make Black Pepper Water

First, take two-three black peppercorns and boil them in with one cup of water. When the water starts changing colour, pour it into a mug and have it.

Make this drink and gain its benefits!

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