Bizarre ‘Pond Cafe’ Has Guests Seated In Fish Tank, Reddit Asks ‘Why?’

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In the post-COVID era as dining out resumes, restaurants are trying their level best to attract customers with interesting ideas. These eateries try to think of a unique idea that would become the talking point among foodies and prompt them to dine in. Recently, for instance, a restaurant in Thailand came up with a fine dining experience in a flood-hit area. Visitors could eat with their feet soaked in ! And now, another restaurant has come up with a bizarre idea. The eatery has the concept of dining with feet inside a fish tank! Don’t believe us? Take a look:

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The of the was shared in the sub- r/Damnthatsinteresting by user u/StcStasi. The short clip has received over 16k upvotes and nearly 1k comments since the time it was posted. “Koi Pond Cafe’ where guests are seated in the tank,” wrote the user in the caption.

In the 18-second clip of the pond café, we can see chairs and tables arranged inside a small room. The banner on the wall reads, ‘Sweet Fishs café’ and is supposedly located in Thailand. The flooring seems wooden and is filled with ankle-deep water. There are also various medium-sized colourful fishes inside the water to welcome the guests.

The received plenty of reactions from Reddit users. Several were grossed out and disgusted by the very idea of the fish tank inside the café. Apart from the hygiene issues, people wondered why anyone would want to go there in the first place.

Take a look at the reactions:

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A few people thought that maybe having a glass floor with an aquarium beneath it would probably have been a better idea. “Sometimes novelty goes way too far,” pointed out one user. What did you think of the bizarre pond café? Would you try something like this? Tell us in the comments below.

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