Bizarre! Couple Saved Wedding Cake For 1st Anniversary, But In-Laws Ate It Up

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Weddings are said to be one of the most memorable days in our lives. Everything, right from the décor to the venue, the ceremony to the fashion must be flawless. is also quite an essential part of the event, especially the . We have seen plenty of beautiful cakes being cut by newly married couples on their big day. Recently, a couple decided to save their wedding for her . However, their plans went awry as they met with an unexpected hitch.

The ordeal was narrated on by user u/Expensive_Praline_71. Her story won 4.1k upvotes and 475 comments since the time it was shared. In the post, she revealed how she and her husband decided to freeze their wedding cake to eat on their first anniversary. However, in a hilarious twist of events, her in-laws ate it up. Take a look:

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The woman revealed how the couple had decided to serve cupcakes to their wedding guests while planning to freeze the wedding cake and consume it on their first anniversary. While the cake wasn’t necessarily expensive, the newlyweds had decided to save it for a year as a ‘tradition’. The duo then went away on their honeymoon for four days whereas the in-laws stayed back at home. Upon their return, they found out that the cake was gone.

“When confronted, my in-laws said that saving a wedding cake for a year is disgusting and they did us a favour,” she wrote in her post. “We also made it very clear that we were saving it before leaving on our honeymoon. Additionally, we did have some leftover cupcakes and we told our in-laws they were welcome to eat those,” she added.

Reddit users posted their reactions to the story. Some users thought that the tradition of saving a wedding cake for a year was quite unnecessary, and a new one could be ordered instead. Others suggested ways of taking revenge from the in-laws for their uncalled-for gesture.

Take a look at the reactions:

What would your reaction be in this situation? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. 

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