Bhumi Pednekar Is Switching To Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets

Bhumi Pednekar is a and it is known to all her fans by now. But did you know she was switching over to a more sustainable form of diet these days? In case you missed it, here’s what happening with Bhumi’s dieting habits now. She has recently taken a liking for plant-based meat. A video on Instagram Stories shows her taking a bite from what looks like a chicken . However, what she wrote made it all clear. She wrote, “Chicken not chicken nugget… umm.. so good… tastes so OG.” The plant-based chicken nuggets are from Imagine Meats, a company started by the Bollywood couple and Genelia Deshmukh. Bhumi also attached stickers saying “plant-powered”, “climate warrior” and “sustainable life.”

Bhumi Pednekar has started taking climate change seriously these days. Her concern has definitely motivated her preference for plant-based meat. This happens at a time when the world is concerned about the polluting by-products that are emanated during the mass production of meat.

Bhumi Pednekar’s love for food takes her on a food adventure across the world. When she was holidaying in Budapest with her sister and friends, she indulged in the cuisine of the place. Need proof? Just head to her Instagram timeline. There you’ll find her gorging up on delicious snacks. In the video, she is seen having a croissant-like snack. We can’t help but drool over this delicacy, right? Her day was also filled with refreshing drinks. We noticed a yummy made with sprouts, tomatoes and coriander. Later, the two sisters were having a fun time over ice cream cones. That’s a perfect holiday by our definition. Good weather, good company and good food is all that anyone needs to have a satisfying trip, isn’t it?

Bhumi Pednekar’s birthday bash was a foodie’s delight. Her friends brought her a delicious . In one of her Instagram posts, we see her cutting the cake. Then she had another cake that had strawberries and fruit toppings. Don’t we love such birthday treats?

We love Bhumi Pednekar’s love for food and her thoughtful choices in this matter.


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